Healthy snacks as part of a well-rounded diet

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Healthy snacks as part of a well-rounded diet

Continuous snacking can easily throw off a sensible diet, since you won’t build a proper appetite between meals. On the other hand, you shouldn’t become too hungry between meals. Regular meal times help to cope with daily challenges.

In terms of well-being, it is a good idea to ensure that your meals and the energy derived from them is spread evenly throughout the day. It is generally good to have a gap of 3-4 hours between meals. Establishing regular meal times will also cut back on the need for snacking. At the same time, it ensures that you will get the right amount of energy from food, thereby reducing the likelihood of eating too little or too much.

Regular meal times:

  • maintain vitality and concentration
  • stablise blood sugar levels
  • ensure energy throughout the day
  • help to control overall food intake

Long-lasting energy from healthy snacks

What types of snacks are best to help maintain your energy level? The perfect snack is comprised of vegetables, berries, fruit and whole grain products. These can be supplemented further with a variety of low-fat dairy and meat products. Snacks that contain good carbohydrates, fibre and protein keep you feeling full longer. Snacks with carbohydrates and protein also help you to recover after exercising. If you go directly from work or school to extracurricular activities, it’s always a good idea to pack a tasty snack you can eat on the way.